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Margie Ogle,

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How We Stage Your Furnished Home

Our ASP Home Staging services are a combination of several things. In a furnished home we do the following:

We will walk through each room and take note of our first impressions. What grabs us, what glares at us,
and what gives to us a feeling of home?

We eliminate clutter and start packing things away in order to create a more open and
spacious feel. We know that buyers want to buy square footage.

We emphasize the positives and downplay the negatives. We find the focal point of each
room, and use it in our design. We emphasize what we love about the room while de-emphasizing
what may be negative features.

We focus on making each room into a light, bright, warm and inviting space that buyers can
respond to.

We work on eliminating odors. After living in your home for some time, you may not even
notice certain smells, but buyers will.  We make sure that the home is Q-tip clean.
This is an indication of a well-cared for home.

We will update the style so that buyers feel they are getting the latest and greatest.

Our goal is to create the “WOW” factor.  We want to make sure that every buyer who
views the home will be able to envision themselves living there. We want them to think
“This is it!” Buyers won’t make an offer until they have mentally moved in.

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