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Home Staging tips:

“Clutter eats equity.”

“The way you live in your home and the way you sell your house are two different things.”

“You should detail your house like you detail your car.”

Welcome to Staged Homes of Naples

Home Staging® – Your Best Marketing Tool

By visiting our website, you will discover why Home Staging is the hottest trend in real estate today. With the ever-increasing number of homes and condos for sale in the Naples, Florida area, competition is stiff. It is critical that you present your home to the buying public looking its absolute best. Professional Home Staging is the answer. Through the magic of Home Staging, your Southwest Florida home will sell more quickly and for the most money possible. Statistics have proven this! Whether you are a home seller or a professional Realtor in the Naples area, professional ASP Home Staging is your best marketing tool.

Our Specialties

Staged Homes of Naples is an Accredited professional Staging company. We specialize in Staging homes and condos whether occupied and furnished, or vacant and unfurnished. We are able to use your own furniture and accessories in different ways to create a new and exciting look for your home. And we have an extensive inventory of upscale furnishings available for rent to make unfurnished homes more inviting. For your convenience, we also provide such services as house cleaning, painting, carpet cleaning, repair work and landscaping. By professionally Staging your home, our goal is to create a broad appeal for your target market, maximize your home’s equity and get your home sold fast!

We know that every home seller’s situation and needs are unique. Staged Homes of Naples offers a variety of Staging services tailored to fit your needs, as well as your budget.

Staged Homes of Naples is the premier Staging expert in the Naples, Florida area. We have served Collier and Lee Counties since 2006, providing Home Staging expertise and creativity, attention to detail and exceptional customer care. We are at your service to help you maximize the value of your home!

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The red walls in the living room will not appeal to most buyers. There is too much furniture, making the space appear very small.

homes in naples florida
After Staging, the wall color is a neutral pale yellow. The furnishings have been edited to make the room appear larger. This bright, airy room will appeal to many more buyers!

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This is a beautiful family room and dining area. But it seems uninviting and cold.

home staging in Southwest Florida
After Staging with furniture and accessories from our inventory, the space is warm and inviting. A buyer could certainly envision himself living here!

What Is Home Staging?

Home Staging is the art of preparing a home for sale using proven techniques to create an environment that attracts the interest of buyers. Staging is not decorating your home as you normally would. In decorating, the living space is personalized to your own taste. Home Staging is quite the opposite. It is a way of depersonalizing the space. It is removing your possessions that may be distracting to buyers. Most people have too much “stuff” in their home taking up space. By de-cluttering, the space is opened up and made to appear larger. In addition, Staging includes the proper use of accessories, correct furniture placement and the right color selections in a room. Staging will highlight the best features of a room, establish focal points, and create spaces that buyers fall in love with!  The ultimate goal of Home Staging is to present your property at its very best -just like a model home- so it sells quickly and for the most money possible.

Prospective buyers will make a decision on a home within the first 30 seconds, which is why your home needs to be showcase-ready from its first day on the market.  It is important to remember that you only have one chance to make a great first impression. Homes that are professionally Staged show better than other homes on the market because of their fresh design, clutter-free rooms and ideal traffic flow. 

Sellers know that a home needs to be presented exceptionally well in order to receive the greatest return on investment, but many lack the time, experience or expertise to properly prepare the property.  Staged Homes of Naples is the solution to those needs.  

At Staged Homes of Naples, we view a home objectively, the way a buyer would view it. We create a feeling that is warm and inviting and gives the impression of a well-cared for home.

Benefits of Home Staging:

Did you know that a buyer will make a decision about your home in the first 30 seconds of
viewing it? At Staged Homes of Naples, we realize the importance of first impressions and
we believe every home can benefit from Staging, regardless of style, condition or location. 

A Staged home has that needed “edge” over the competition.

A Staged home appeals to a greater number of buyers.

Realtors know that Staged homes show well and therefore will want to show your Staged
home to their buyers.

Professional Home Stagers free up your time by taking the burden of preparing
your home off of you—we work as a team with you and your Realtor to get the job done.

Professional Home Staging is surprisingly affordable.

Today’s buyers begin the buying process by viewing pictures of listed homes on
the Internet. Once they have viewed your Staged home, they will want to tour it.
And after seeing your home, they will want to buy it

Buyers can easily visualize themselves living in a home that has been Staged.

Staging is suitable for any home or condo regardless of size, location or asking price.

Staging increases the selling price and decreases time on the market.

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